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Patisse Steam Pudding Mold, 2-Liter

Patisse Steam Pudding Mold, 2-Liter

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Steam Some Pudding

For those seeking a decorative and functional 2-litre steam pudding mould, the Patisse Steam Pudding Mold is an excellent choice. Made of metal, it features a finger-sized handle on the top center for easy handling. The decorative ribbed sides and bottom add an elegant touch to your dessert presentation. With a central tube for even heat distribution, this mould ensures that your pudding cooks evenly, resulting in a delicious dessert every time.

Although some customers have reported discoloration over time from boiling, the majority praise its quality and performance. However, a few users have mentioned difficulty removing the lid and staining issues. Despite these concerns, the Patisse Steam Pudding Mold is a popular choice for making traditional dishes and a durable option for steam pudding enthusiasts.

Best For Those looking for a decorative and functional steam pudding mould for making traditional dishes.


      • Even heat distribution for consistent cooking
      • Decorative ribbed design adds elegance to dessert presentation
      • Durable metal construction for long-lasting use


    • Some users experienced staining and difficulty in removing the lid.
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