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Kitchen In The Box Vacuum Sealer Machine For Food Storage

Kitchen In The Box Vacuum Sealer Machine For Food Storage

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For culinary enthusiasts and meal preppers prioritizing longevity and flavour, the Kitchen in the Box Vacuum Sealer Machine emerges as an indispensable ally in the quest for fresh food preservation. Hence, The Lunch Pro included it in our roundup of the best vacuum sealer machines. Designed with meticulous attention to efficiency, this device is powered by 135 watts, ensuring a robust vacuum seal that extends the freshness of food up to ten times longer. Its capacity to seal up to 32cm with a 5mm sealing width translates to an encompassing embrace of diverse food sizes and types, from dry to moist.

Intuitive operation is guaranteed through four clearly defined buttons coupled with indicator lights, while its compact size and lightweight champion easy storage. Moreover, including a comprehensive starter kit, including bags and an air suction hose, underscores a commitment to a seamless preservation experience right out of the box.

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Best For: Culinary enthusiasts and meal preppers who value freshness and flavour in food storage.


  • Extends food freshness up to 10 times longer with efficient 135-watt power.
  • Accommodates various food sizes with up to 32cm sealing length and 5mm sealing width.
  • Includes a comprehensive starter kit for immediate use, enhancing user convenience.


  • Limited to a single colour option, which may not suit all kitchen decors.
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